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For this Second Life assignment, students in my NCLC 350 Cyberculture course were asked to change their avatar's sex and/or ethnicity for two full weeks - or change into a body (male/female; whatever ethnicity) that each student believed would be most personally challenging, and to report their experiences on their individual wiki pages. The full assignment can be seen here (see guidelines and questions). 


Professor Neox - male/female pic


Compilation of quotes from assignment


The following links provide an individual account of their virtual experiences: 


Lauren Blankenship


Mickella Simone Ross


Barbara Stephanitsis


Morgan Allen


Will Ware


Lauren Peacock 


Jessica Taylor


Tasha Rivers


Krysti Moody


Lainie Cooke


Susie Hwang


Judy Aldridge


Lubna Ghazi


Theresa Gieseler


Angelica Singh


Neil Oates


Kristin Philbrick 


Kimberly Oswald


Jimmy Greene

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