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Protection of Human Subjects Procedures

Page history last edited by Kristin Scott 15 years, 4 months ago


Protection of Human Subjects Procedures – Second Life

HSP Procedures: Although we are not conducting formal research in NCLC 350, we will proceed with our research and contacts with human subjects (behind the avatars) as if we were. Please see the following: 

  • Uphold LL/SL "community standards" in all contact with residents.
  • Uphold LL/SL "terms of service" with regard to "conduct of users," IP rights, the DMCA, and other matters in the agreement.
  • Familiarize yourself with the “Frequently asked questions about Research Ethics related to Kristin Scott’s NCLC 350: Cyberculture Field Research in Second Life" posted on the course wiki.
  • Create a HSP handout carried by every student as a notecard offered to any avatar who inquires as to the research work/researcher’s presence (model attached at link).
  • Maintain subject confidentiality in data management (coded names, etc) from informal conversations.
  • Do not copy and save transcripts of talk from avatars with whom you have not gotten permission (and who haven’t been given an HSP handout).
  • Do not use camera controls to see through objects and into spaces where you are not co-present with the subjects.
  • Professor Scott will review the blogs and wikis regularly to catch any “beginner” mistakes that might compromise subject protections.
  • Block out avatar names and faces in cases of publishing photos of subjects without their permission.

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