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Students: This is an evolving resource site for cyberculture related links. Please add at least one link per week to this list that you think would be useful for others (whether frequently used links or possible research sites, etc.). If a category already exists, just put your url under that category. If not, create one using the same format I have below.


Frequently Used Links


NCLC 350: Cyberculture Course Blog

Second Life






Digital Communities: 


Understanding Islam through Virtual Worlds: Collaboration, Culture, and Community



Digital Ethnography:


Digital Ethnography @ Kansas State University on YouTube

Digital Ethnography @ Kansas State Blog

Mediated Culture: Digital Ethnography @ Kansas State University

Virtual Community Blog Case Study @ University of Minnesota




Webgrrls International


Internet & Law / Free Speech / Intellectual Property


Electronic Frontier Foundation




Cybersex Scandal Goes to Court

New York Times-Murder Trial in Canada, information ban



Cyberpunk & Cybersubcultures:


Cyberpunk Project

          Cyber Subculture




Real Life Death...What happens to your online self? This article discusses what is happening now that people have 2 bodies/lives, notifying people/guild when people have died.

Cybersex Blurs Lines of Fantasy and Reality


Tech News:






Is Your Computer Infected?  Things to consider if your computer is infected, even though it is functioning properly.


MIT Scholarly Articles, now open free to the public



Photo Editing Software:


           www.snapfiles.com/get/photofiltre.html Freeware Software for Editing Photos





Understanding Islam through Virtual Worlds: Collaboration, Culture, and Community

Race In Cyberspace?


Virtual Worlds / Second Life: 

     http://www.virtualworldsnews.com/ - business news, strategy, insight and analysis  

     Videos about Virtual Worlds

     http://www.activeworlds.com/edu/index.asp  Active World Education Section


     Second Life Support

     Second Life Custom Names

     Second Life Tips & Tricks

     Second Life-- SLurl to 'freebie' stuff, lindens, objects, clothes, etc.--

     http://slurl.com/secondlife/--%3E%20%24%24%24%20FREE%20LINDENS%20HERE%21%20%24%24%24%20%20%3C--/SURVEYS! /RENTALS / & CLUB!




     Cyber Terms

     World Wide Words-  http://www.worldwidewords.org/articles/cyber.htm



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In order to add to this wiki, you folks need to actually go into "EDIT" - place your resource where appropriate (make a new category if necessary) and then link the resource to the word/phrase by clicking on the link button at the top.

Krysti said

at 1:33 am on Feb 23, 2009

Second Life-- SLurl to 'freebie' stuff, lindens, objects, clothes, etc.--
http://slurl.com/secondlife/--%3E%20%24%24%24%20FREE%20LINDENS%20HERE%21%20%24%24%24%20%20%3C--/SURVEYS! /RENTALS / & CLUB!/

boneyjames1 said

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