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The links below are SLurls (Second Life urls) you can use to teleport yourself to these locations and get free stuff (everything from clothes, skins, eyes, hair, glasses, shoes, houses, cars, etc.). Sign onto Second Life, then click on any of these links below to open up a teleport request. Once you click on teleport, your avatar will be brought to these locations within Second Life. 


Please add notes about the places you visit, so I can add descriptions (i.e. "great place to get cool clothes" etc.). Also, if you find a place that has free stuff and is worth adding here, please also note that, as well, and add SLurl.


Free Dove

Milky 9 - good place to get female skins of darker complexions / skins should be on 2nd floor

Yadni's Junkyard

Rockcliffe University Library (on the shelves on the right side of library)

Freebies Beach

The Muse Village

Sarah Nerd's Freebie Paradise

NCI Kuula - New Citizens Incorporated

Dream Saint Vincent

The Free Dove

The Changing Room for Women - Ladies at Noob Island

Freebies Store of Free Union

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